Airlines need qualified staff; people who will enjoy the challenges and stimulation their jobs bring.

Something that can only be brought through an aviation academy.

Ventana Aviation Academy was acquired by Genki Partners to provide a wide spectrum of training and development courses, from senior management coaching and knowledge build, through to crew technical skills mastery.


Many businesses claim their people are their greatest asset, their priority for ongoing investment. The reality is very different, with many employees receiving little more than regulatory required technical training and token induction training.

Ventana Academy has the current, practical, and cost effective training applications to enable your training and development commitments to your employees to be met. Whether delivered face to face by highly respected industry or technical experts, or through a variety of relevant on-line media, Ventana Academy can be your enabler to help you develop and enhance your greatest asset, your people.


  • Ab Initio Cabin Crew training
  • Safety and Equipment Procedures training
  • Crew Resource training
  • Company SOP training
  • Medical training
  • On-board sales training
  • LCC business model, culture and way of working
  • Airline Business courses
  • Management training courses


Ernst and Young
South African Airways
mba training company
Mango air
mercator asia