Our Businesses

Our objective is simple and in keeping with our roots: “revolutionise travel through the application of best practices, high calibre expertise and cutting edge technology”. 

We seek to achieve this by offering our services through closely targeted businesses, focusing on key segments in industries undergoing rapid or structural change. 

We target industry segments where specialist skills are required to succeed, however are in short supply. And selectively invest in start-up/early stage disrupters to the travel industry 


Genki Talent
Sourcing talent to create value, and ensure service and delivery, across the travel industry. 
Airline Talent
“Go to” talent search firm for airlines looking to replenish and/or enhance their teams. 
Aviation Talent
Focused on meeting the executive and specialist search needs of non-airline aviation.
Travel Talent
Addressing the talent needs of the fast-growing and worldwide travel sector. 
Building and inspiring the full potential of aviation’s human capital. 


Iconic Aviation
Offering bespoke advisory services across the spectrum of private and sport aviation. 
Market entry through to aviation start-ups and restructuring, worldwide. 
Sustainable Skies
Inspiring aviation and travel towards a greener and more sustainable future. 


Genki International Partners
Investing in the fundamentals of success in aviation and travel on a global scale. 
Genki Travel Ventures
Investor in early stage disrupters and innovators to aviation and travel industry.